R1 Handheld Radio and Accessories for Any Environment

R1 Handheld Radio and Accessories for Any Environment

The new digital workhorse is here: the Rugged R1 Handheld RadioWhether it is for a race team, on a job site, or for security force or workforce, this handheld will keep your team connected. 

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Dual Monitoring

Never miss a call with the dual monitoring function! The R1 allows you to listen to not only one, but two channels at a time to make sure you're always in the loop. Easily toggle back and forth between two channels and select which channel you'd like to transmit on.

Channel Presets

Have a favorite channel or function that you want to easily get to without having to scroll through your R1 menus? Quickly jump to Channel 1 with "P1" and Channel 2 with "P2" or customize your presets with external software like RT Systems.

Text Messaging

Let base camp know you're heading back with a quick text message in digital mode. Choose from preset messages like "Heading back to camp" and "Stopping to fix a flat" or send a custom message by manually entering a message on the keypad of your R1 Handheld.


With singles, two packs, and six packs, this radio can expand to meet your needs in any environment. Featuring a standard 2-pin connector, there is an incredible array of existing accessories available from lapel mics to headsets to car harnesses — you name it.

High Capacity Battery

Double your talk time with a high capacity battery for your Rugged Radios R1! It's the perfect compliment to your R1 as a spare or for added security at race events where extended battery life is critical. Even better, the XL battery features a built-in charging port for on-the-go charging with your R1 USB charging cable.

Battery Eliminator

Keep your communications powered on the go with the Battery Eliminator for R1 Handheld Radio! This 12V battery eliminator assures your R1 handheld radio will never be out of juice, and you will always have communications when needed.

This battery eliminator is great for long trips on the road, or a week-long trail event where an AC outlet is not close. Simply remove the battery from your handheld radio and replace it with the battery eliminator. Plug it into the automobile auxiliary power outlet in your car, and you're ready to go!

Long Range Antenna

Increase your range up to 30% with the long range leader for handheld radios, the Rugged Long Range Antenna for R1. Simply screw it onto the existing antenna mount via the SMA connector.

With this antenna, you increase your transmit distance and maximize the range and performance of your handheld radio. This antenna will help you Go Further when it comes to off-road racing, the great outdoors, and general longer distance transmitting.

6-Pack Bank Charger

Keep your handheld radios organized and fully charged with our 6-Pack Bank Charger for R1 Handheld Radio!

Our bank charger provides easy and convenient radio management in a 6-pack design, offering a central location to charge up to 6 radios simultaneously for the crew or the family.

Moto Max Kit

Designed for racers by racers, the MOTO-MAX is the go-to for racers and hardcore riders alike. The Moto Max Kit is manufactured to strict standards and created to take you to the podium.

With heavy electrical shielding, genuine Nexus Military-grade connectors and a handlebar-mounted Push-To-Talk button, this race kit offers no-compromise communications and full operation without ever having to take your hands off the bars for the finish.

Rugged Ready Pack

With two R1 Handheld Radios and all of the key accessories, the Rugged Ready Pack is the perfect "grab n go" bag for any adventure or any situation. You’ll have everything you need for two people to start talking: two XL Antennas, two XL Batteries, two USB charging cables, and a storage bag to carry it all!


Looking for something else? Shop the rest of our R1 Handheld Radio accessory collection.

Still not finding something? Give us a call, we’re here to help: 805-541-1696.

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