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HS20 Fire / Safety Headset - Mic On/Off Switch -Carbon Fiber

Part #HS20-CF

Retail Price: $248.00

HS20 Industrial/Fire Truck/Safety Headset
HS20 Fire / Safety HeadsetHS20 Fire / Safety Headset

The HS20 Behind-the-Head 2-way communication headset was built specifically for industrial, safety, and civil service jobs such as fire departments, paramedics, manufacturing, heavy equipment operators, etc..

Specialized technology in our industrial headset lineup aids in improving audio quality and providing the durability for active job use in high noise environments. Features include mic on/off switch, electret microphone for clear transmissions and Clear Hear speakers for unsurpassed audio performance.

This Carbon Fiber model features 5-pin radio ports that have been shifted towards the rear of the eardome to provide over-the-shoulder cabling. Comfort feature include gel ear seals with cloth ear covers.

  • Mic on/off switch with waterproof cover
  • Clear hear high output speakers
  • Spring Steel Behind-the-Head band
  • Adjustable over the head strap
  • Electret microphone
  • Rugged full flex mic boom
  • Right or left hand cable plug in jacks
  • Easy to use volume control
  • Gel Ear Seals with Cloth Ear Covers

Use with Coil Cord #CC-1/4 when using with David Clark, Avcomm, Sigtronics, Rugged, and all other intercoms with 1/4" stereo jack.

Use expandable coil cords to connect headset to handheld radio or intercom. Click here to shop Fire / Safety intercom cables. Click here to shop all other coil cord options.

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