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H10 Lightweight Offroad Headset

Part #H10-OFF

Retail Price: $65.00

Lightweight Headset

Lightweight behind-the-head headset provides comfortable versatility for multiple applications. Works great with half-helmets, baseball caps, and in situations where weight is a factor.

Features an Offroad connection that plugs diectly into your intercom cable, or flush mount jack for easy connectivity.

Dynamic noise cancelling mic ensures clear audio transmissions while a 34" cord gives plenty of room for connectivity and mobility.

Ear buds are included.


  • Lightweight design
  • Dynamic noise cancelling Mic
  • Coil cord Sportsman earbuds
  • Adjustable back strap for perfect fit
  • High bend 34" test cabling

Rugged Add-Ons

Foam Ear Bud Speakers for H10 HeadsetsFoam Ear Bud Speakers for H10 Headsets
reg. $30.00

3' Offroad Extension Cable3' Offroad Extension Cable
reg. $40.00

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In Stock65.00Rugged RadiosBehind the Head Part #H10-OFF
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